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President Barack Obama and Dennis Kennedy


All of us want to feel as though we belong, whether in our social circles, family interactions, or workplaces. Belonging is central to our sense of connectedness and community. It is a protective factor helping us manage and cope more effectively with difficult times. In the workplace, it can mean a significant increase in job performance and a decrease in turnover and sick days. Yet, almost half of all workers say they feel isolated at work, their morale has plummeted, and productivity is on a downward spiral.

There are profound implications for organizations that neglect to cultivate an environment where everyone feels like they belong. Education on Belonging will enable companies to create secure and supportive workplaces with a sense of acceptance, inclusion, and identity for all team members. This education will also empower the workforce to foster belonging among their peers because it is everyone’s responsibility.

Through purposeful training and comprehensive education, we can improve employee engagement and performance and help support business goals. Let us create that culture of Belonging you seek.


Dennis Kennedy
Founder and Chairman
Belonging Institute
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